The report is important, but to us your peace of mind is priceless!

Our reports are unlike any in the industry, specifically designed with YOU in mind! We make them as concise and simple to read as possible for the lay person.Everything is color coded, for quick and easy visual of only the important issues, along with a safety and salient issues page summarizing only the most significant items, because we understand how valuable your time is and don't want to waste it making you read 50 pages of insignificant issues.

If the download doesn't work for you, then please email us for sample reports in PDF files. You will be impressed with the number of photos and details in our reports.

We make it a point to thoroughly review our reports with the client at the end of every inspections so they fully understand every single item without question.

Same Day Reports!

Reports are completed and emailed to the client the same day of inspection; this means no waiting, as is the case with many other inspection companies!

Why clients and agents love our reports!

We save you valuable time! The safety and salients issues brief is typically all the most significant items in the report, and what most buyers and agents use when they go back to the seller to renegotiate for repairs or credits! We are the ONLY company that does this!

Many companies use a program that simply puts EVERY item from the report into a summary page, it's fast for them, but that doesn't help you discern which is most important.

Furthermore, many companies will write everything in black, or some might note a lot in red, but even that doesn't truly help you, because in reality there are considerable differences in levels of deficiencies, which can be quite confusing to the lay person.

Our copyrighted color code system is unique to the industry and gives the client an instant and clear visual understanding of how serious every issue is!

This certainly takes us longer, but we understand that having a satisfied customer and a strong word of mouth business is worth it!

Accurate Inspections of Atlanta